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Education paves the way for continued growth and improvement. By investing in scholarships for our youth, we are investing in a better future for our community.

Top Scholars Awards in 2016 – Muskegon County
Scholarships are key to our goal of making an impact. After all, this is about investing in the future of our communities and creating hope and opportunity for our youth – education paves the way! In our scholarship process, we review written applications, hold community interviews and match available awards with students. In 2016, we awarded over $1.6 million in new and renewing scholarships to 491 students.  Of those scholarship awards, 29% were to first generation students!

Top Scholars recognizes the scholarship recipients with the highest GPA and ACT scores.  The 2016 winners are:

McKenzie Goltz attended Reeths-Puffer High School and is the daughter of Grant and Gretchen Goltz.  She ranked 1st in her class of 250 students, with a 4.0 GPA and an ACT score of 34.  McKenzie was awarded a $25,000 Thomas and Geraldine Seyferth Scholarship and will attend the College of Wooster to pursue a degree in Biology and Environmental Studies.

Katharine Uganski attended Reeths-Puffer High School and is the daughter of Jeffrey and Stacey Uganski.  She ranked 3rd in her class of 250 students, with a 4.0 GPA and an ACT score of 34.  Katharine was awarded a $10,000 Fred T. and Gladys V. Hawley Scholarship and will attend the University of Notre Dame to pursue a degree in chemistry.

Emily Christiansen attended Whitehall High School and is the daughter of Paul and Darci Christensen.  She ranked 7th in her class of 174 students, with a 4.0 GPA. Emily was awarded a $6,000 Ernest D. Moylan Scholarship and will attend Muskegon Community College to pursue a degree in Nursing.

Delaney Bennett attended Fruitport High School and is the daughter of David and Tamara Bennett. She ranked 6th in her class of 181 students, with a 4.0 GPA. Delaney was awarded a $6,000 Ernest D. Moylan Scholarship and will attend Muskegon Community College to pursue a degree in Communications.

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  • New Scholarship Awards 2016*

    A. Portia Rothschild Scholarship – $500
    Rashon Rankin

    Alan G. (1954) and Margaret Drost (1957) Toxopeus Western Michigan Christian High School Scholarship – $3,000
    Trent Alphenaar

    Albrechtsen Scholarship – $2,000
    Adam Bisson
    Heather Dutcher

    Anacker/Fitzpatrick Scholarship – $4,270
    Sarah Honeycutt

    Archie A. and Elva M. Blood Scholarship – $900
    Maegen Myers

    Archie McCrea Scholarship – $5,000
    Olivia Mock

    Arthur and Ida Kuehnl Memorial Scholarship – $2,000
    Shelbi Adams

    Barbara J. Lonnee Scholarship – $4,000
    Jordan Marsman

    Bernard J. DeVries Scholarship – $1,000
    Emily Baker

    Beverley Turner Memorial Scholarship – $4,000
    Raychal Taylor

    Bonnie, Kenneth, and Charles Buitendorp Scholarship – $500
    Megan Rossiter

    Bruce and Antonia Privacky Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Michael Becerra

    Busker Family Scholarship – $600
    JaTeryn Moore

    Dr. J. Max and Elizabeth Busard Scholarship – $2,000
    Ann Lozier

    Byam Family Scholarship – $7,000
    Luke Bonner
    Faith Daoust
    Corey Robinson
    Skyler Shackelford

    C. Wesley Wilbur and Jacqueline Wilbur Scholarship – $4,000
    Emily Fisher

    Carolyn L. Owen (Carolee) Memorial Scholarship – $500
    Seth Glover

    Charles and Carol Mullally Scholarship – $800
    Kendra Irvine

    Charles and Jessie Goodnow Scholarship – $500
    Joseph Osborn

    Charles and Jessie Goodnow Scholarship – $800
    Alexander Anhalt

    Charles and Jessie Goodnow Scholarship – $1,000
    Bryan DeVlieg
    Zackary Hren
    Michael Merz
    Nicholas Schanhals
    Janae Schultz
    James Surge
    Brynne Wilcox

    Charles and Jessie Goodnow Scholarship – $4,000
    Abigail Christmas
    Ty’Esha Kirks-Allen

    Charles and Jessie Goodnow Scholarship – $10,000
    Emily Lindback
    Lauren Lopez

    Community Dental Endowment Scholarship – $2,500
    Eric Sesselmann

    Concerned Hearts Cardiovascular Nurse Scholarship – $550
    Jessica Herring

    Cutler Family Scholarship – $1,000
    Matthew Johnston

    Darrell H. and Rosaline M. Smith Scholarship – $4,000
    Morgan Mitteer

    Darrell H. and Rosaline M. Smith Scholarship – $1,500
    Noah Sowles

    Dollie Mae Damm Scholarship – $4,000
    Meghan Lawton

    Dolores E. Swanson Scholarship – $1,000
    Derek Forner

    Don Fretty Scholarship for Instrumental Music – $1,500
    Seth Schuler

    Don Harwood Nursing Scholarship – $500
    Kaitlyn Hamilton

    Don Harwood Nursing Scholarship – $4,000
    Samantha Nesbitt

    Donald and Jane Tjarksen Scholarship – $1,000
    Rylee Cooke

    Doris-Jane Horton Scholarship – $1,000
    Jared Pittman
    T’Asia Thomas

    Dorothy Creason Tyler English Scholarship – $1,000
    Rylee Cooke

    Dr. Michael Lundholm M.D. Scholarship – $2,000
    Amanda Sasinski

    Edward F. Wingler and Peggy F. Wingler Pink Scholarship – $20,000
    Tiffany Wheeler

    Edward J. and Joan Stewart Scholarship – $1,000
    Tiffany Wheeler

    Effah Elizabeth Ferris Scholarship – $515
    Dakota Breckler
    Rachel Burns

    Eleanor and Albert Herremans Scholarship – $1,000
    Kathryn Bolen

    Eleanor Polley Women’s Golf Scholarship – $500
    Darien Smith

    Emma McMillan Scholarship – $500
    Brianne Rogers

    Eric Marcil Memorial Scholarship – $800
    Bush, Brianna
    Mitchell Anderson

    Ernest D. Moylan Scholarship – $6,000
    Delaney Bennett
    Emily Christiansen

    Essex Scholarship – $1,200
    Christina Burnett
    Brennon Cole
    Taylor Cunningham
    Douglas Grevious
    Megan Jackson
    Andrew Maxey
    Morgun Mclouth

    Eugene W. and Joanne M. Hosko Scholarship – $2,000
    Antonio Falzetta

    Frauenthal Scholarship – $1,000
    William Deur
    Shelby Godlewski
    Caleb Tallquist

    Frauenthal Scholarship – $2,000
    Angelo Hernandez-Sias
    Abigail Keessen

    Frauenthal Scholarship – $4,000
    Natalie Bowen
    Eliza Johnson

    Fred T. and Gladys V. Hawley Scholarship – $10,000
    Katharine Uganski

    Frederick G. Mesyar, “Laddie” Memorial Scholarship – $450
    Elliana Sayceda

    Fruitport Education Foundation Scholarship – $1,000
    Katie Zerkle
    Corbin Kelly

    George H. Hartman Scholarship – $500
    Ian Devlieg

    George M. Wickstrom Scholarship – $500
    Erin McDermott

    George M. Wickstrom Scholarship – $4,000
    Deidra Boertman

    Gerhard O. and Doris E. Olsen Memorial for Andrew and Clara Andersen Scholarship – $4,000
    Alyssa Burr

    Harriett M. Reid Scholarship – $1,240
    Desiree Fox
    Angelo Hernandez-Sias
    T’Asia Thomas
    Juan Vasquez

    Helen F. Kitchen Memorial Scholarship – $550
    Alex Overhiser

    Henrik Olving Scholarship for the Gifted – $500
    Damontay Tyson

    Henry and Ethelyn Hansen Scholarship – $800
    Joseph Nyblade

    Herremans Scholar-Athlete Scholarship – $1,000
    Nick Castenholz

    Hispanic Community Services Coalition Scholarship – $1,000
    Jordan DeLarosa

    Howard Oosterhouse Scholarship – $8,000
    Morgan Griffin

    Howard Oosterhouse Scholarship – $2,000
    Andre McClanahan

    Hugh and Peg Campbell Scholarship – $1,000
    Tyler Moss

    Inez Lundwall Ortquist Educational Scholarship – $4,000
    K’Mari Johnson

    J. Fred and Helen Barnard Boyd Scholarship – $4,000
    Cassie Pierce

    J. Fred and Helen Barnard Boyd Scholarship – $2,000
    Robbie Berg

    J. Fred and Helen Barnard Boyd Scholarship – $1,000
    Katlyn Emery
    Isabelle Langlois
    Noah Sorn
    Mckayla Wall

    J. Paul Dunworth Scholarship – $4,000
    Cheyenne Barnard

    J. Paul Dunworth Scholarship – $2,000
    Jacob Holt

    Jackson-Merkey Contractors Educational Scholarship – $1,000
    Sarah Neiser

    James A. and Elfrieda E. Murphy Memorial Scholarship – $550
    Ryan Buck

    James P. Jackson Scholarship – $1,300
    Abigail Freed

    Jared E. and Margaret I. Collinge Scholarship – $800
    Aliyah Mitchell

    Jean Frissel DeVries Scholarship – $1,000
    Rachel Webb

    Joe Guylas “MichKid” Scholarship – $650
    Thomas Morse

    John and Donna Schmitt Scholarship – $1,000
    Leah Thompson
    Rebekah Thompson

    John and Mary Schumann Scholarship – $4,000
    Nathaniel Jones

    John and Mary Schumann Scholarship – $1,500
    Madison Lewis

    John and Ruth Schrier Hope College Scholarship – $10,000
    Abigail Zuidema

    John E. and Bernice L. Sydnor Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Rashon Rankin

    John J. Helstrom Scholarship – $5,000
    Scott Andersen

    Johnson Family – Grambling State University Scholarship – $2,000
    Ariana Burt

    Joseph S. Cherney Scholarship – $1,000
    Kalisha Williams

    Julie Herrick-Easterly Scholarship – $1,000
    Dylan Goetz

    Julie Herrick-Easterly Scholarship – $1,000
    Cara Henry

    Julie Herrick-Easterly Scholarship – $900
    Madison Thomas-Little

    June M. and John C. Vandervelde Scholarship – $650
    Megan Rossiter

    Keith R. DeYoung Scholarship – $1,000
    Lachlan Moore

    Ken and Clara Kolberg Family Scholarship – $1,000
    Mackenzee Bacchus

    Kuznar Family Scholarship – $1,000
    Christian Foreman

    Lapomarda Family Scholarship – $1,000
    Samuel Deuling

    Larry and Jane Wright Scholarship – $1,400
    Amanda Giddings

    Larry Harp Scholarship – $1,150
    Keyanta Carpenter
    Jordan Redmon

    Lawrence R. DeVoogd Scholarship – $275
    Brittany Broughman
    Lawrence Grennan

    Lewis and Eloise “Bud” Munz Memorial Scholarship – $800
    Darien Smith

    Lewis G. and Margaret R. Curtis Scholarship – $2,000
    Jamie Westrate

    Lincoln Golf Club Memorial Scholarship – $750
    Mitchell Anderson
    Ryan VanAppledorn

    Louis S. and Nancy L. Rubinsky Scholarship – $2,000
    Kaitlin Maycroff

    Louis S. and Nancy L. Rubinsky Scholarship – $1,000
    Lindzey Brown
    Calisha Herman
    Allison Mikesell
    Tiffany Taylor

    Louise M. Cryderman Scholarship – $2,000
    Jamie Fortenbacher

    Louise M. Cryderman Scholarship – $1,000
    James Herring

    Louise M. Cryderman Scholarship – $500
    Brianne Rogers

    Margaret and Dr. Paul Borton Music Scholarship – $750
    Rebekah Kroll

    Marguerite Holcomb Scholarship – $1,100
    Joshua Binnendyk

    Marie VanderVoort Scholarship – $650
    Jadyn Midkiff

    Maureen Linck Memorial  Scholarship – $1,000
    Tyler Hekkema

    Mercy Hospital Health Career Scholarship  – $500
    Simran Rai

    MHS Class of ’46 Scholarship – $1,900
    Nila Howell

    MHS Class of ’46 Scholarship – $950
    Ne’Azia Bolden
    Asia Brantley
    Nila Howell
    Juan Vaszuez

    Mildred A. Mapes Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
    Taria James

    Mona Shores Optimist Club Scholarship – $500
    Desiree Fox
    Ayona Ray
    Chloe Stafford

    Montague High School Alumni Scholarship – $1,000
    Joseph Marsh
    Tayler Milz

    Mother Davis, Wyart and Annie Satcher Green Scholarship – $500
    Tamisha Thomas

    MPS/Dietz Scholarship – $420
    Emily Baker
    Nicque’Lya Massey

    MPS/Douma Scholarship – $350
    Douglas Hendrick

    MPS/Harry E. and Clara H. Brown Scholarship – $627
    Asia Brantley
    Emily Baker
    Lawrence Grennan
    Morgan Griffin
    Angelo Hernandez-Sias
    Taria James
    K’Mari Johnson
    Katherine Sisco
    T’Asia Thomas
    Tiffany Wheeler

    MPS/Roelofs Scholarship – $225
    Christina Duncan
    Kendall Morrison

    Muskegon Chapter, MI Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship – $1,000
    Dean Kuharevicz

    Muskegon Chapter, MI Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship – $750
    Patrick Gilland

    Muskegon City Teachers Association Scholarship – $500
    Mackenzee Bacchus
    Ethan Bollaert
    Katie Duplissis
    Katlyn Emery
    Alyssa Goericke
    Kyle Kolbe
    Dava Lakatos
    Carin Northuis
    Nicholas Slagle
    Ivann Underwood

    Muskegon Community College Faculty Association Scholarship – $600
    Colten Hutson
    Van Vu

    Muskegon County Medical Society Scholarship – $5,000
    Stephany Zahl

    Muskegon County Michigan State University Alumni Association  Scholarship – $1,000
    Alyssa Burr

    Muskegon District Nurses Scholarship – $520
    Kaitlyn Averill

    Muskegon Eagles / Monsignor Kehren Scholarship – $4,000
    Ian Devlieg

    Muskegon Eagles / Monsignor Kehren Scholarship – $2,000
    Marissa Groothuis

    Muskegon Heights High School Alumni Scholarship – $1,000
    Rashon Rankin

    Muskegon Public Schools Scholarship – $588
    Alyssa Burr
    Addam Contreras
    Emari Layton
    Kariya Payne

    Muskegon Surgical Associates Scholarship – $1,500
    Marissa Pulsipher

    Nan Riekse Scholarship – $1,000
    Deanna Stembol

    Neil J. Sanders Scholarship – $2,000
    Noah Hendricks

    Oliver and Mildred Byam Scholarship – $7,000
    Daniel Dublois
    Melissa Shoop

    Owen-Ames-Kimball Co. Construction Scholarship – $2,000
    Ryan Bramer
    Dorian Gutoski

    Patricia A. Bard Nursing Scholarship – $2,000
    Emily Cramer

    Paul and Libby Kara Scholarship – $1,000
    Nikole DeJohn

    Paul DeVette Education Scholarship – $700
    Taria James

    Privacky Memorial Scholarship – $500
    Erin Boersema
    Marissa Groothuis

    Ravenna Community Educational Foundation Scholarship – $1,000
    Madison Broton
    Prezlei Garland

    Ray B. Smith Memorial Rotary Scholarship – $5,000
    Diana McMahon
    Erica Mitchell
    Jordan Weimer

    Raymond and Teresa Cioe Scholarship – $900
    Seth Glover

    Reading is the Key Scholarship – $1,000
    Mitchell Anderson
    Deidra Boertman
    Carah Crenno
    Jenna Long
    Jazmin Wright-Zornes
    Vanessa Zimmer

    Reverend Moses J. Jones Scholarship – $4,000
    Ar’Brienna Anthony-Baker

    Rich McCarthy Oakridge Scholarship – $1,000
    Miranda Vandervort

    Richard and Barbara Arter Fine Arts Scholarship – $1,000
    Courtney Boersema

    Richard Kraft/Suzanne Kraft Mateer Scholarship – $900
    Breann Comstock

    Robert A. and Clara C. Harrell Scholarship – $5,000
    Molly Huisingh
    Damara Pineda

    Robert Busch Academic Athletic Memorial Scholarship – $580
    Tristan Anderson

    Robert F. and Augusta A. Moran, RN Scholarship – $4,000
    Ni’kaja Flowers

    Robert F. and Augusta A. Moran, RN Scholarship – $1,000
    Brittany McKenzie

    Robert F. and Augusta A. Moran, RN Scholarship – $500
    Jadyn Midkiff

    Rocket Scholars Foundation Scholarship – $500
    Brianna Bush
    Jenna Stolzman
    Katharine Uganski
    Jazmin Wright-Zornes

    Rosalie R. and Paul F. Youngberg Scholarship – $2,000
    Vivian Andrade
    Dean Kuharevicz
    Kayla Mills
    Karl Schmidt
    Morgan Schwing
    Aaron Ward

    Rosalie R. and Paul F. Youngberg Scholarship – $1,000
    Nicole Depender

    Russell B. Trygstad Scholarship – $5,000
    Riley Hicks

    Ruth Skwarek Scholarship – $4,000
    Allysa Henderson
    Tyler Marsman
    Jordan Rhodes
    Jozlin Semelbauer
    Jenna Stolzman
    McKenna Whipple

    Ruth Skwarek Scholarship – $2,000
    Mason Averill
    Rebecca Frucci
    Brook Klingel
    Cassandra Lawton
    Ashlyn Lohman
    Christian Martinez

    Ruth Skwarek Scholarship – $1,000
    Cameron Brayman
    Carah Crenno
    Alex Dennis
    Joshua Goldberg
    Jonathon Gonzalez
    Madeline Huisingh
    Brianna Kimbler
    Hannah Kuck
    Emma Rupert
    Robin Spielberger
    Gary Swain
    Courtney Thompson
    Jazmin Wright-Zornes
    Summer Yeck
    Paul Young

    Ruth Skwarek Scholarship – $500
    Rayne Woirol

    Sailor Classic Athletic Scholarship – $1,500
    Sean Halverson
    Raelynn Sells

    Shantz Kaydon Scholarship – $12,000
    Shae Stevens

    Sharon Barber Memorial Scholarship – $1,400
    Ar’Briana Anthony-Baker

    Sidney and Adelaide Slater Scholarship – $2,000
    Lauren Hutchinson

    Sidney and Adelaide Slater Scholarship – $1,000
    Amelia Rogers

    Sidney and Ann DeBoer Geriatric Scholarship – $620
    Madison Perry-Herrera
    Jakisha Price

    Spencer Weersing Memorial Scholarship – $2,500
    Jessica Kolbe

    Stan Tyler Catholic Education Scholarship – $1,000
    Jessica Ladd

    Stanley C. and Maxine G. Sutherland Scholarship – $4,000
    Megan Mitchell

    Stanley C. and Maxine G. Sutherland Scholarship – $2,000
    Brandi Taylor

    Stanley C. and Maxine G. Sutherland Scholarship – $1,000
    Braxton Snuffer

    Swenson Family  Scholarship – $475
    Amelia Rogers

    Thomas and Geraldine Seyferth Scholarship – $25,000
    Mackenzie Goltz

    Tomasa Ramirez Ybarra Scholarship – $1,000
    Araceli Eikenberry

    Trevor Nichols Scholarship – $2500
    Jacob Morse
    Gustavo Morales

    Warren and Mary Husid Culinary Scholarship – $800
    Carah Crenno

    Warren E. and Anna Mae Hutchins United Methodist Church of Whitehall – $1,500
    Morgan Mitteer

    Weichner Scholarship – $1,000
    Thomas Huizinga

    Wheaton/Fitzpatrick Scholarship – $2,000
    Erica Calkins

    Wheaton/Fitzpatrick Scholarship – $1,000
    Lataja Cosse

    Wheaton/Fitzpatrick Scholarship – $1,000
    Ivy Horton

    White Lake University Women’s Scholarship – $1,000
    Rebecca Hughes
    Ame Matuzeski

    William D. Munroe & Marie P. Munroe Farnsworth Scholarship – $500
    Carley Brown

    William G. Jackson Memorial Scholarship – $4,000
    Katie Zerkle

    William L. Vanderwerp Scholarship – $500
    Noah Sowles

    *Does not include renewing scholarship commitments.

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